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  • The Mississippi River is the longest river in the United States.
  • Missouri has more than 5,600 caves.
  • The Braille system, used by the blind, was first used in the United States at the Missouri School for the Blind in St. Louis, in 1859.
  • In 1877, the first long distance telephone lines reached Missouri.
  • The world's first all steel bridge was built in Glasgow, Missouri.
  • The first Olympics in the United States took place during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (St. Louis World's Fair) in 1904.
  • C. H. Laessig opened the world's first gasoline station in St. Louis in 1905. The gas was pumped through a garden hose.
  • On March 1, 1912, U.S. Army Captain Albert Berry made the first successful parachute jump at Jefferson Barracks.

Take a trip back in time. Meet more than 50 men and women who traveled across Missouri. Read their stories and learn of their contributions to the state and to our country. Through their stories,  learn how presidents, politicians, scientists,entrepreneurs, and others overcame obstacles to contribute to the building of our state and our country. The reader will also gain a better understanding of the Civil War, Women's Rights' Movement, World War I and World War II, the Pony Express, and other major events. Included in this book are biographies on presidents Harry S. Truman and Ulysses S. Grant, generals John Pershing and William T. Sherman, Charles Lindbergh, Mark Twain, Senator Thomas Hart Benton, Alexander Majors, Virginia Minor, Dred Scott, George Washington Carver, James Cash Penney, Satchel Paige, Billy Hall, Daniel Boone, and Laura Ingalls Wilder.